The Issues

Public Safety

Family with Baby in CarEast Flournoy Lucas Road is a residential road with one of the largest density populations in the state (three retirement facilities) and several single-family subdivisions. This route is used by residents to access Highway 1/Youree Drive for shopping, healthcare and education. (It is the route of choice for many for the public schools - Captain Shreve High School, Youree Drive Junior High SchoolUniversity Elementary School - as well as LSU in Shreveport. School buses stop on East Flournoy Lucas to pick up students.)

Due to the large number of senior citizens in the area East Flournoy Lucas Road is used for EMS response to the senior residential developments, with 202 calls in 2010 to The GlenAzalea Estates and The Oaks of Louisiana. As these properties expand, so will the EMS traffic.

Currently, industrial traffic is mixed with residential traffic on East Flournoy Lucas Road. As the heavy trucks exit Highway 3132, they must make a sharp left turn onto Flournoy Lucas as they proceed eastward to Highway 1 and the Port of Shreveport-Bossier.

Truck traffic includes vehicles carrying toxic and hazardous substances, over-size loads, industrial equipment and large containers.

Transportation Infrastructure

Speeding TruckShreveport has an excellent transportation infrastructure, easily moving industrial traffic on exterior loops, away from the internal city traffic. Highway 3132 would complement I-20, I-220, and Bert Kouns Industrial Loop, offering easy access to the Port of Shreveport-Bossier.

This extension has been in the planning for decades and has been a visionary option that helps to reinforce Shreveport’s economic and industrial benefits. Studies have been done by local and state agencies to identify the best options for this route. This project has been thoroughly vetted.

Economic Development

Failure to complete Highway 3132 in a timely manner has economic consequences. An easy route to the Port and Highway 1 enhances the economic value of the Port and property along Highway 1 and Shreveport’s position as a good place for warehousing. Finishing Highway 3132 will complete the city’s loop and offer access not only to the Port but to the proposed I-69 and an additional bridge across the Red River.


The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development offered to cancel the project at the request of a Bossier City developer so he could gain access of Flournoy Lucas to property he had purchased to create a luxury subdivision west of Twelve Oaks.

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover indicated he would be willing for the City of Shreveport to assume maintenance responsibilities for the Flournoy Lucas, the Inner Loop south of Bert Kouns and a portion of Ellerbe Road.

Neither residents of the area nor city council representatives were contacted about the plan in advance.

The plan to kill the Highway 3132 corridor was proposed at the Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Planning Committee, a branch of North Louisiana Council Governments (NLCOG). In addition to Shreveport representatives, this committee includes representatives of non-Shreveport entities who vote on issues affecting Shreveport. Although this issue has been studied for years, as recently as this month executives at NLCOG and the Metropolitan Planning Commission indicated that there was no official route.

Financial Issues

The City spent nearly $500,000 to purchase property for the southern access to Flournoy Lucas Road. Local and state agencies have expended dollars to study and plan for this route. These dollars were an investment in the future and should not be wasted.

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May 27, 2014
Elliott Stonecipher, spokesperson for the Finish 3132 Coalition, offers an update on the project.
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