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Commentary: Why You Should Care About the Extension of 3132

June 04, 2012

This commentary represents the views of Vernon Hastings, a 3132 activist who has actively followed the controversy surrounding the extension of 3132.

I have attended five meetings of the various agencies involved in the extension of 3132, five root canals would have been preferred. Sadly, the public presence has dwindled as the process has strung out over the months. This is the aim of those in power who are against the extension. They are running the sausage grinding machine as slowly as possible, waiting for the public to grow bored and disinterested.

Please, do not let this happen. This project is vital to you and your family, no matter where you live or your race, creed, or color, rich or poor.

Consider these facts, then try to think of a good reason to Not complete 3132 to the Port.

At every ribbon cutting, every grand opening and every news conference, the future of Shreveport has been touted as the transportation nexus of the South East. With I-20, I-49, the Red River Navigation and the Port, Shreveport is forecast to be the "Next Great City of The South", by our Mayor or other dignitaries.

The Red River Project began in 1968,I-20 in the Fifties, I-49 in the early 1980's, the Port decades later. Need I mention the hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars invested in this multi modal project?

Now, We have I-20, a major East/West corridor complete, the Red River navigable with a operating Port, the I-49 to link Kansas City and New Orleans tantalizingly near completion, yet We are debating linking the Port to the Highway web. Can NLOG, the MPC, the LADOTD and finally the City Council and Mayor be seriously considering allowing I-49 to pass within a few miles of the Port without a quick, safe, direct connection? The only elected official to offer unqualified support for the extension in my earshot has been Councilman Joe Shyne. Further, our Mayor made the motion, early in the game, to abandon the extension.

Driving down Flournoy-Lucas Road, passing the forlorn City owned acreage earmarked for the extension, it is beyond belief that the extension is even under debate, it is like doubting the existence of elephants at a Circus.

I beg you to contact your City Council Member, the LADOTD, and State Representative.

Believe me, this is too important to ignore.

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