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Haz-Mat Expert Speaks Out

June 30, 2014

All hazardous materials to the port area are being routed to East Bert Kouns Industrial Loop from 3132 and then south on Highway 1 to the Port or beyond. I am not allowed to speak of the material I haul; however, I can say I pull a tanker with material that would cause harm and or death. Due to the traffic congestion, the possibility of an accident is compounded. A vehicle can hit the tanker. If the liquid material is released and gets in the sewer and mixes with water, the resulting toxic deadly gas would travel through the sewer for MILES seeping out where ever it can. Not only that, even if it does not go into the sewer, the entire area(s) for 1/2 mile in all directions would be shut down and evacuated.

Because 3132 is not finished, my route includes the heavily congested shopping district, 2 MAJOR hospitals, an urgent care, the college and an elementary school. Take your pick to close any of / or multiple areas and evacuate. If the tanker leaks unknowingly to the driver along their route… it could be all of the above. 

I have personally spoken with the fire commander with Shreveport Fire and the Fire Department shares my concerns. Per D.O.T (Department of Transportation) and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations my job is to route my truck according to law and to protect the public and environments safety from the material. The current routing does not protect the public at all and puts a very large population at risk. Finish 3132 or allow haz-mat trucks to travel on East Flournoy Lucas Road to protect the public. 

Thank you for your time.
Robert “Bob” Parcell

About Bob Parcell Bob drives a truck with hazardous materials because he enjoys the freedom of being a driver, but he is also a knowledgeable expert in the field of haz-mat. He has owned transportation and logistics companies and has even consulted with royal families in the Middle East about related issues. He commented, “ It’s a shame that corruption is standing in the way [of finishing 3132]. The corruption is so blatantly clear, I am surprised to see that there are so few standing up to fight it. My main concern is the hazardous materials that are being routed in such densely populated areas near hospitals and schools.”

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