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UPDATED: La. 3132 hearing set for today

September 19, 2012

The following was published in The (Shreveport) Times:

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NOTE: The article has been updated to fix the inaccurate information based on the letter below.

The following letter was sent to The Shreveport Times in relation to this inaccurate article:

Ms. Africa Price
Executive Editor
Shreveport Times

Ms. Price:

I'm writing on behalf of the Finish 3132 Coalition and its sponsoring organization, Willis-Knighton Health System.

At the time of this writing, as noted above, the Shreveport Times / Gannett News has an article posted on its website which states that attorneys working on our behalf in the matter of the Hwy. 3132 Extension did not attend a related hearing in Caddo District Court this morning. At a minimum, a very direct implication was made that a continuance was forced by our attorney's non-attendance.

This article is false and misleading.

We note for the record that no one from the Shreveport Times has in any manner contacted me, as Finish 3132 Coalition spokesperson, or anyone with those responsibilities for and with Willis-Knighton Health System prior to the publication of these article. Had such calls been made, the article would have been rendered completely unjustifiable for publication.

We have learned that The Times did, in fact, talk with an attorney for Tim Larkin before the writing and publication of this article. This highly biased party is your reporter's presumed source of this "news."

Had the Shreveport Times / Gannett News bothered to check, as other local media entities did, they would know that a Motion for continuance of this matter was delivered to the judge's office yesterday afternoon, necessitated by the fact that one or more defendants in the case have not yet received official service of the lawsuit Petition.

Witnesses in the courtroom this morning report that one or two attorneys attended - one of whom was your reporter's source and Mr. Larkin's attorney - though there are a near-dozen defendants. As the judge was aware, our attorney was at a funeral in Ruston. We are told the proceeding lasted 5 minutes, and the judge never took his seat.

We request that you immediately remove this article from your website.

For the record, we stand ready to work with your reporters for accurate and unbiased reporting of this important matter. Frankly, we believe your recent "coverage" has been very biased. We stand ready to discuss that with you, should you have any interest.

Elliott Stonecipher
Finish 3132 Coalition, LLC

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