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Guest Column: Michael Corbin: La. 3132 still a complicated issue

June 19, 2014

The following was published in The (Shreveport) Times:

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Coalition's Facebook Response:

That is all very interesting, Mr. Councilman. 

Here is our question, as it has been for over three years: why is a landowner "entitled" to build in the likely path of the Extension, should there be one? To put it differently, since, on May 7th, the MPC rejected Larkin's application BECAUSE those houses might well be built in the only remaining possible route, why did you and the other four council members overrule them? The MPC had received the same lawsuit and other threats from Larkin / Glover, et al, that the city had received - and which the city receives so frequently that no one keeps count of such. The MPC has the direct regulatory responsibility, not the Council. Why, then, was it the Council that caved? 

Just as with the apartments being built in the path of I-49, what does the Council know that the MPC doesn't? Answer: nothing. Not one single thing. Why not let the MPC do the specific job the Council and the Caddo Commission appoint people to the MPC to do? Could it have anything to do with the fact that the Council is very often - especially when it counts - "somehow" convinced by Glover, his city attorney, and a couple of other attorneys he controls and we pay, to protect a developer's interests while dumping the public's interest? What is the currency of those backroom deals? If you and the other Council members looking out for the developer wanted to cut a deal at our expense, couldn't you at least have done it in public, where we knew what it was of ours that you gave away? 

Councilman, you swore an Oath to serve the people of your district and this City, not to serve the interests of a Bossier City politician and real estate developer. That developer put all of his eggs in Cedric Glover's basket, each beginning their their respective enterprises in 2006 when Glover was elected. He rolled the dice, which is what real estate developers do. The people had no intention of rolling any dice when they voted 64% to 36% in 1996 to put their personal (additional) money into bonds to complete the Extension TO THE PORT.

Oh, and by the way. If you want the Coalition's work - which you erroneously label as "accusations" - disproven, why not grant our 3-year request for the Council to conduct an external investigation to refute those "accusations" - which are facts to objective people - and tell us how Twelve Oaks was built in the route of the preferred corridor in 2000? While they are at it, they can investigate which possible route alternatives this time never made it to the public hearing held for that explicit purpose, along with a dozen or so other mysteries of this sorry history.

Elliott Stonecipher
Finish 3132 Coalition

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