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Shreveport Attorney Files Suit

June 08, 2011

Attorney John Settle has filed a suit to help identify what happened in this 3132 controversy. Listed as defendants are the City of Shreveport, the Caddo Parish Commission, Larkin Development North, LLC, Railsback Property Company LLC and Larkin Development at Railsback LLC.

The suit indicates that the city had purchased a tract of land “for the specific purpose of 3132 extension and that any utilization of this tract by LARKIN or any third party for any reason other than 3132 extension would require a formal declaration by CITY that the City Tract is surplus, as it relates to that use.”

The suit questions a zoning ordinance by the Caddo Parish Commission and a letter from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and whether they can be construed as authorization for Larkin to construct a connecting road to Flournoy Lucas Road. In the suit Settle asks the court to determine the requirements of a connection road to Flournoy Lucas Road and a connection intersection.

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May 27, 2014
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