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City Council Affirms Support

June 14, 2011

At another meeting, filled with senior citizens living at The Oaks of Louisiana as well as others interested in the extension of Highway 3132, the Shreveport City Council today adopted two resolutions related to that issue. The first involves a quadrilateral 16-acre tract of land owned by the city at the intersection of Flournoy Lucas Road and 3132. A resolution introduced by Councilman Michael Corbin and unanimously approved by the council requires city council approval for the use of this land. The resolution indicated that the council “needs to ensure that the parcel of land described above is used for the purpose for which Citizens approved the funds to purchase it, and to ensure that it is not used in any way that could prevent, delay or complicate the extension of the Inner Loop (LA 3132) south from Flournoy-Lucas Road.” Larkin had apparently intended to use this land to achieve access to his upscale subdivision, Esplanade. Full text of the resolution and a map showing the property (which has reportedly been cleared by adjoining developer Tim Larkin) can be found on the Shreveport City Council website.

The second resolution gave unanimous support for the extension of 3132 to Highway 1.

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May 27, 2014
Elliott Stonecipher, spokesperson for the Finish 3132 Coalition, offers an update on the project.
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