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Finish3132 Scores a Victory at NLCOG

July 28, 2011

The Finish3132 Coalition scored a victory Thursday in its efforts to see La. Highway 3132 completed to the Port of Caddo-Bossier. The Northwest Louisiana Council on Governments (NLCOG) adopted resolutions to accept the Finish3132 Coalition’s alternate route proposals labeled D1 and D2, and include those routes in the Stage 0 / Stage 1 Feasibility and Environmental Studies.

After the passage of both resolutions, NLCOG member Charles Kirkland lauded the efforts of the grassroots campaign, particularly the Finish3132 Coalition. “This has been like a phoenix,” said Kirkland. “This issue was almost dead or at the very least put on the very back burner, and now it’s the highest priority issue we face.”

The new routes were presented by Desi Sprawls of BBC Engineering, a member of the Finish 3132 Coalition who has reviewed all of the routes that were proposed for study by NLCOG. Sprawls dubbed the previously published routes as “not feasible” for a multitude of reasons, placing particular emphasis on the need to cross the railroad track that parallels Highway 1. Route D1 continues 3132 south from the existing intersection at Flournoy Lucas Road, crossing Bayou Pierre and curving east to intersect with Highway 1 north of the port. It featured two possible at-grade exits to allow for the development of property along the route. Routes D2 followed the same path but featured a single large interchange midway to Highway 1. The single interchange of Route D2 is more aligned with federal interstate requirements.

Sprawls’ reveal of the new routes followed a presentation by coalition spokesman and Twelve Oaks resident Elliott Stonecipher who pointed to the successes achieved by the grassroots efforts of the coalition. He specifically thanked NLCOG representatives Eric England and Charles Kirkland for their efforts on the coalition. Stonecipher, who lives in Twelve Oaks, cited the tremendous response to the website, which has had nearly 4,000 visitors with more than 14,000 page views.

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