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NLCOG UPDATE ON 3132 from 11/17/11 meeting

November 18, 2011

3132 Still on Agenda at NLCOG

Louisiana Highway 3132 was on the Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments agenda for the Nov. 17 meeting. Three major issues were brought before the Council : The possible construction of a road along Flournoy-Lucas Road, better notification of NLCOG scheduled meetings/events and Willis-Knighton Health System’s request to remove proposed Route A from the feasibility study.

Finish 3132 Coalition spokesman and Twelve Oaks resident Elliott Stonecipher reported to the Council that, “there appears to be construction of a road getting ready to happen” on the property owned by developer Tim Larkin that fronts Flournoy-Lucas. Council member Charles Kirkland responded vehemently, “Any citizen that sees any construction going on there needs to let me know and we won’t hesitate to take legal action.

There’s been no approval of any road construction out there.” Council member John Sanders said that Larkin has applied for and received approval for a temporary entrance, “a right in and right out” for his Esplanade Development.

Stonecipher also asked the Council for its procedure for notifying the public of its meetings. NLCOG attorney Jerry Jones indicated that the public meetings law requires only a 24-hour notice. Stonecipher then asked if a full schedule of events, including the NLCOG executive committee meetings, could be placed on the NLCOG website and for notification through email. NLCOG Executive Director Kent Rogers agreed to better inform the public by updating the website’s schedule as well as notifying interested parties who sign up for email notification.

Attorney Jim McMichael, representing Willis-Knighton Health System, asked the Council to remove Route A from the study because the route runs through the Health System’s multimillion dollar development, The Oaks of Louisiana. McMichael said that the proposed route violates the law because it is “neither a reasonable or feasible” route. McMichael says the route was proposed in retaliation and is causing economic harm to The Oaks due to the difficulty it causes in attracting new residents.

The majority of the members agreed that the proposed Route A was not a reasonable choice but stopped short of formally removing it from the study at this time, fearing that action would cause further delays and possibly require the study to start over.

Rogers said the NLCOG would ask the Department of Transportation and Development, which meets next week, to do a “preliminary check” of the proposals, and it would likely then remove Route A from the list.

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