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NLCOG UPDATE ON 3132 from 12/15/11 meeting

December 15, 2011

Elliott Stonecipher, spokesperson for the Finish 3132 Coalition and a resident of Twelve Oaks, appeared before the executive committee of the Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments to present a detailed history of the extension of Louisiana Highway 3132. Attending the meeting were Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover, Bossier City Mayor Lorenz Walker, Woody Wilson of the Caddo Parish Commission and Caddo Parish Tax Assessor Charles Hennington. The other member of the committee, Bill Altimus of the Bossier Parish Police Jury, was absent.

Stonecipher thanked the chairman, Mayor Walker, for allowing him to address the committee. He also told the group that he was not paid by any entity or organization and that he was representing the Finish 3132 Coalition. He offered copies of documents to demonstrate that that the extension of Louisiana Highway 3132 to the Port of Caddo-Bossier has been a part of the City of Shreveport’s transportation plan since at least 1992, with a route proceeding along the east side of Bayou Pierre. By showing documents, he concluded that the documents indicated careful transportation planning as part of a process that was moving as a “perfect transportation development process” until 2007 when the planning seemed to be circumvented due to political interference and a lack of public involvement in the process. He expressed concerns that the project could have died in April were it not for an editorial written by Craig Durrett of The (Shreveport) Times, and he indicated that the future of the 3132 extension is still in jeopardy.

Stonecipher’s presentation recalled the 1996 $3 million bond issue which citizens of Shreveport passed to fund the extension of 3132 from Bert Kouns to Flournoy Lucas. Later, the City of Shreveport purchased 16 acres of land on the south side of Flournoy Lucas Road to be available for the final phase of the extension, indicating a desire to complete the project. Stonecipher said, “We all thought we were making an unambiguous commitment.”

He indicated that his research of activities and documents since 2007 show that “politics takes over transportation planning; and that’s what brings us here today.”

Documents related to land ownership and transfers as well as reports from meetings of agencies were among those included in Stonecipher’s presentation. (He later indicated that he had pulled these from some 1800 pages of documents which he reviewed.)

Central to the ongoing discussions is Esplanade, a luxury residential project being constructed by Larkin Development. After being denied access to Railsback and Ellerbe road for his project, Tim Larkin purchased property from Shreveport Development/Twelve Oaks and attempted to secure a curb cut along Flournoy Lucas to gain an entrance for his development. State and federal regulations prohibit a curb cut within a specified distance from a major interchange such as which would be necessary if 3132 is extended. A solution for him was to have the city assume responsibility for Flournoy Lucas Road so that a curb cut could be granted. Should this occur, 3132 could not be extended as a federal/state project at this site.

Stonecipher said he has confirmed from two sources that Larkin Development has reached an agreement with a private landowner (The Glen) as well as with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, to build a street which will provide the necessary access to Esplanade. However, he questioned why such action would be made at taxpayer expense.

Later in the meeting, Mr. Larkin confirmed that he plans to proceed as Stonecipher described. He said the 36.9 acres of land he owns which surround the 16-acre city-owned tract “is not planned for any development.” He said he has no intention of “getting in the way” of any proposed extension of 3132. He added that he is agreeable to any street plan which the private landowner and DOTD decide upon.

Stonecipher concluded his presentation by asking the NLCOG Executive Committee to consider a series of requests from the Coalition, including a public records request regarding documents pertaining to 3132. A copy of that request is available for review on this website.

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