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Clarifying Misleading Visual in The (Shreveport) Times Article "DOTD studying Highway 3132 service roads"

April 02, 2012

A drawing attached to this article in The Times makes it appear that property in the northwest quadrant belongs exclusively to Willis-Knighton. This is not the case, and we believe it was intentionally misleading. The property on the west side of 3132 along Flournoy Lucas and in front of Acadiana Place, curving around to the north, belongs to Dowling Properties and is zoned for residential and for business. Only the property behind Acadiana Place that fronts on Bert Kouns (with its easterly boundary partially on 3132) belongs to Willis-Knighton. It is zoned residential but is not used by Willis-Knighton. When Willis-Knighton purchased the Sawyer Farm to create The Oaks of Louisiana, the health system was told that the 3132 extension would bisect the property and that there would be no access to develop to the property on the west side of 3132. Willis-Knighton agreed to those terms and has not made any development plans for that property. In fact Willis-Knighton has indicated in multiple public forums that it does not support the development of an access road in the northwest quadrant and that activities should be focused, instead, on the completion of 3132 to the south. The Times did not confirm this information prior to running the story or the drawing.


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