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NLCOG Executive Cited by Coalition For Withholding Requested Records

April 19, 2012

Finish 3132 Coalition spokesman and Twelve Oaks resident Elliott Stonecipher addressed the Executive Committee of the Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments during Thursday’s meeting in Mayor Lo Walker’s conference room at the Bossier City Municipal Complex. Stonecipher pointed out discrepancies in statements from NLCOG Executive Director Kent Rogers that were revealed during a public records request filed by the Coalition.

According to Stonecipher, Rogers told NLCOG counsel Jerry Jones that “no emails exist after a year” in response to the December 2011 public records request. Stonecipher explained to the committee that email correspondence shows where Rogers and Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover were discussing La. 3132 as far back as August 2009 and that Rogers had attached copies of documents from 2009 in emails sent to Mayor Cedric Glove in June 2011. Stonecipher said, “Clearly, Mr. Rogers knew his emails went back further than one year. Mr. Rogers was not forthcoming. When officials choose to ignore the law we have a problem.”

Stonecipher asked Jones if he would respond to the Coalition and its attorney John Settle in three business days and concluded by saying, “We don’t intend to approach aggressive action unless we’re not told the truth regarding the misrepresentations.” Jones indicated he felt a response could be presented by Monday.

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