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MPC Meeting to Consider Issue Related to 3132

April 26, 2012

The Finish 3132 Coalition is opposed to any actions by governmental bodies, elected officials or other public entities that could impair the future of 3132. No actions should be taken until and unless the route for 3132 is identified, protected and assured. The Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission will meet on Wednesday, May 2, and will discuss plans for an entrance to Esplanade subdivision on East Flournoy Lucas Road that has the potential to affect the future of 3132.

We certainly respect private enterprise and entrepreneurship but we do not believe the interests of a private business should trump those of the public.

For years citizens in our area have believed that 3132 would be extended to Highway 1 and the Port. As we have uncovered the layers of activities and deals that have affected its future, we realize that we must continue to be vigilant.

We hope that this Metropolitan Planning Commission will not repeat the errors of its predecessors and put the future of 3132 in jeopardy. Please voice your opinion either at the meeting or by contacting these members, all of whom are appointed by Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover. Here are members of the MPC and their contact information from the MPC website.

 Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission





Winzer Andrews 318-631-8480 6205 Lafleur Dr., Shreveport 71119
Dale Colvin 318-673-3253 428 Travis, 3rd Floor, Shreveport 71101
Larry Ferdinand 318-636-1555 3436 Galaxy, Shreveport 71119
Christopher Washington 318-820-3164 610 Marshall, S509, Shreveport 71101
Lea Desmarteau 318-222-0885 8835 Line Avenue, Suite S-500, Shreveport 71106
Mary Ruffins 318-621-0985 3800 Camrose Lane, Shreveport 71119
Bessie Smith 318-222-6025 1810 Viking Drive, Shreveport 71101
Desi Sprawls 318-798-3344 8650 Business Park Drive, Shreveport 71105
Mary Wilson 318-221-0947 2462 Coburn Lane, Shreveport 71107

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May 27, 2014
Elliott Stonecipher, spokesperson for the Finish 3132 Coalition, offers an update on the project.
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