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Larkin builds while MPC talks

July 03, 2012

The 3132 Coalition today exposed construction on a road by developer Tim Larkin despite the lack of permission by the Metropolitan Planning Commission.

Elliott Stonecipher, Coalition spokesman, showed commission members photographs taken early Tuesday morning of construction equipment and dirt being turned along Larkin’s proposed route between the bridge over Bayou Pierre and Flournoy Lucas Road.

Stonecipher asked the commission to do something to halt the work until a million-dollar study is done to pick a route to extend Highway 3132 from Flournoy Lucas to the Port of Caddo Bossier.

Willis-Knighton Health System attorney Billy Pesnell said, “Mr. Larkin is thumbing his nose at the MPC and council. He shouldn’t do it. The mere fact it’s private property doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants.”
Pesnell said Larkin appeared to be one of those people who believes “forgiveness is easier than getting permission.”

Commission Executive Director Charles Kirkland said he has heard nothing official from Larkin since the Shreveport City Council sent the issue back to the MPC in May. Stonecipher called on the MPC staff to “find out what’s going on.”

Commission member Dr. Mary Wilson said, “We’re just as baffled as you are about this construction.”

Referring to laid water and sewer lines, Kirkland said Larkin had approval of the city engineer and “I don’t know why that would have been allowed.” Larkin does not have approval for the road, he added. “If he tries to build this road, he absolutely needs MPC approval.”

Willie Bradford, community activist, voiced concern about the work under way and wondered “if backroom deals were made.” He was concerned about why Larkin would feel comfortable building the road that does not yet have MPC approval. “Is there any legal way to halt what is happening now to slow this and show this won’t be tolerated?” he asked the commission. No one had an answer to his question during the public hearing.

Larkin was not present at the meeting due to family obligations and a delay by storms on the East Coast. His attorney, Tom Arceneaux, urged the commission not to “bury my client in supposition. Wait please to hear the facts … give him a fair hearing and an open mind.”

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