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MPC Stands Firm on Esplanade Road Decision

September 05, 2012

After hearing public comments from both sides in the La. 3132 Inner Loop extension controversy, the Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission unanimously voted today to reaffirm its earlier unanimous decision and send cases SP-11-09 and P-38-07 back to the Shreveport City Council. A motion to send these cases back to the City Council was made by commissioner Larry Ferdinand with a second by Dr. Mary Wilson.

After the vote, commissioner Desi Sprawls asked that the MPC staff compile packets of information to turn over to the City Council thereby “giving the council more information than just our original decision.” Sprawls also made additional motions to the MPC board. Sprawls wants the City Council to join the MPC and request that the Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments (NLCOG) “remove Route C from the Stage 0 feasibility study” and that the alignment of Route A “not encroach on Twelve Oaks.”

“One reason for sending this back to the council is that we’re just a recommending body, we don’t change things,” Sprawls said. “We’ve heard a lot of conflicting information. We’ve had people that’s presented information that has said everything is fine and there’s a proper connection and you can have a driveway --that it’ll be made and then moved. Then we’ve heard information that, no, you can’t have a driveway. We as the MPC board don’t have the expertise or the responsibility to try and figure out what of that is right or not right. The Council can do that.” Acting on the advice of Assistant City Attorney Koshaneke Gilbert, the MPC was told that motions were not allowed at that time and that they would be considered at a later date.

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