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Important Meeting - June 10 - Be There and Show Your Support!

June 08, 2014

Shreveport's mayor and select other politicians have put the interests of private developers ahead of the interests of the voters who have consistently supported the extension of Highway 3132. Hidden agendas and deception do not support the public interest.

As a member of the Finish3132 Coalition, come show your support for 3132 and for good government by attending the Shreveport City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 10, at Government Plaza. The City Council is scheduled to vote on a request to overturn the MPC's ruling denying developer Tim Larkin a permit to build homes in the general area under consideration for the extension of 3132.

If you cannot attend, please call or email your city council representative. Here's a link to the city council website

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May 27, 2014
Elliott Stonecipher, spokesperson for the Finish 3132 Coalition, offers an update on the project.
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